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The most treasured possession of a people is its language. No matter what they lose, they can regain but if they lose their language, not even God can give it back.
-Géza Gárdonyi (via riochtcaillte)
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detective-phideaux-rex: Thunder cracked and rolled over him as he ran towards the the payphone; he was soaked to the bone, his clothes clinging to his frame as he charged through the downpour. Reaching for the phone he shoved his hand through his pocket and then slid a quarter into the slot. "Yeah. Metro City, Michigan... Yulia Straszynska... Yeah, I'll hold." The yellow light of the street lamp shined down on him and he leaned close to the phone with his coat covering his head. 




It was raining outside. Not much to be a downpour but the sky was grey and the window glass had trails of rain drops on it. She was reading a book and drinking a glass of wine curled up on her sofa under blanket. 

It’s been a busy day and this was the relax she needed. She was sipping from the tall glass when the phone rang. She put down her book and picked up the phone.

"Yulia Straszyńska, how can I… Chicago? Yeah I accept." she replied to the operator and soon there was a click indicating the phone was redirected. "Hello?" She had a feeling it could be Rex.

She sat up straight, wondering what it would be. She was both nervous and excited about it.


"My mail?" she quircked her eyebrows, confused. What was he planning…? "Okay, see you then. Bye."

He run up without another word and ran towards the sidewalk to hail a taxi. He hoped it’ll arrive at her place in one piece.

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Things I should be doing: Writing

Things I am doing: Imagining random shit from the story I want to write without actually thinking them through and then forgeting about them.

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spadekeeperwitch: "Really? That's awesome! Are there really rainbow bridges?" 

Julia chuckled and sipped a bit of her smoothie from a straw. “Well just one rainbow=bridge and it was pretty amazing. I still have some trouble believing it wasn’t a dream but it was way to real to be anything but true.”